Sponsorship Interview, J.T. Fraser of Fraser Contracting (2013)

Iíve rehabbed and remodeled homes all over Cleveland, even constructed sets for the Avengers and Captain America 2 . But I have to say; building the set pieces for Literary Lots has been more than a pleasure for my crew and me. I love being able to tell my crew that todayís directions are to build giant peanut butter sail boats, gigantic cut out flowers, and meatball and spaghetti tubes for the Literary Lot. Over the week that weíve been constructing the pieces, my crew and I have become just as excited, as we hope the children will be, when they see them in the lot.

When I was called to help with the Literary Lots I knew that this was an extraordinary project where we could really exercise our creativity, and construction skills to make theses book come to life according to the Libraryís vision. Iíve grown up and lived in northeast Ohio for the majority of my life, and this is one of the most exciting projects Iíve had the pleasure to work on. In my opinion, we here in Cleveland should fully embrace these types of small, innovative projects that connect with families and bring our communities together. I am so proud that we can assist on this project.

With two kids of my own, I canít wait to bring them with me to the lot and see the reaction on their faces when they can sit on a boat and read all day or have fun with their friends in a workshop. These kinds of programs not only benefit the kids, but the whole community. These types of community cooperative projects allow my company to interact with the library and non-profit organizations, projects like this boost my staffís morale and enthusiasm for living and working in Cleveland. We hope that the community enjoys the pieces that weíve created and we look forward to watching families and children experience and explore the Literary Lot.

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  1. Barb Clint

    So proud of my friend and neighbor, JT Fraser, for his work on this project. He’s a great talent who’s contributed mightily, one cool rehab after another, to the vitality of our city. Way to go Fraser Contracting!


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