Sponsorship Interview, Dean Skinner, Findaway World: (2013)

First of all, thank you so much for your donation to Literary Lots! Your sponsorship will go a long way in making Literary Lots a reality!


What is the main mission of your organization?

Our world is a place where audiobooks are always being thought and rethought – reinvented and innovated – so that they have the ability to reach all people.  We believe they should be simple to find, intuitive to use, and that there should be something for everyone.


How did you first find out about Literary Lots?

One of our designers found it on Fresh Water Cleveland: http://www.freshwatercleveland.com/forgood/litlots022813.aspx.


In what ways does Literary Lots fit into your mission?  Was this connection what motivated you/your company to become a sponsor?  If not, what was the motivation?

Passing up a chance to get involved with Literary Lots was not even a question for us once we learned about it. The K-12 market is a huge focus at Findaway World. While our products certainly have an entertainment value, they are widely used as educational tools. We often say that audiobooks bring stories to life for emerging and struggling readers and help students access books beyond their reading level. Being able to contribute to something that brings stories to life visually seemed natural.


What do you feel the most important things are in regards to community engagement and “place making” to bring community together?

We are huge believers that the arts (music, dance, theater, fine art, and even story-telling) combined with a common purpose/cause are great way to draw a community together.


What are you most excited about for Literary Lots?

We are thrilled to add an audio component to the artist’s work and the literary lot experience. This is what we do with books every day. As Findawayers we also consider ourselves very passionate and creative, so we are happy to be able to donate our time to help build the lot and execute the artist’s vision.


Do you have a favorite children’s book? What is it?

Good Night Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown. I used to read this book to both of my children every night.


What would you like to see most in a Literary Lot?



If you were writing a children’s book, what would it be about?

I tell my daughter stories every night and we’ve often talked about making them into children’s books. My personal favorite is Penny the Pencil-Tailed Pig. It’s a story about a pig with a straight tail rather than a curly tail. Throughout the story she gets teased by all of the other pigs because she is different. In the end her pencil tail makes her the hero of the story. This story shows that being different is good and can be a very powerful thing.


Findaway World’s product Playaway is a great way to engage kids in reading or at least listening to books in and out of school. Is the idea of bringing those books to life what made you interested in Literary Lots?

Funny, because we answered with this above before reading this question. This is absolutely a natural tie-in for us. Bringing stories to life is a HUGE part of what we do with Playaway and our other products.


As a Cleveland based company, is there a place in or around the city where you would like to see a Literary Lot?

Tremont seems like it would be an amazing place for a Literary Lot. The community draws in a diverse

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