We still need your help!

Literary Lots is in its second summer, and we need your help to make it better than ever! Even though we are grateful to all our sponsors, with an opening date just months away, we won’t be able to bring your favorite children’s books to life without support from you.

Your donation will help pay our artists and supply smart, engaging programming to our city youth. It won’t just bring books to life, it will give children the opportunity to interact with literature and the arts that they might not otherwise have access to.

In addition, we need volunteers every day and night! We have a Lot manager but considering we had over 50 kids some days, another set of helping hands never hurts. You can volunteer by signing up here.

Donate to Literary Lots

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If you would like your donation to be tax exempt, please mail a check made out to “Ohio City Inc” with a note Memo: FOR LITERARY LOTS to:

Ohio City Inc. 2525 Market Avenue
Suite A
Cleveland OH 44113

Click here to fill out the form for your contribution letter.
You’ll need the check number.