Julia Kuo on Designing Literary Lots

Last week, the Literary Lots team created an aquatic-themed learning environment in the middle of Cleveland. This space includes a coral reef maze, 17-foot submarine reading space, underwater mural, and giant squid climbing tubes. It’s the second time Literary Lots … Continued

Please Dream a Million More (2013)

×This article was originally posted at Library as Incubator Project Read the original. I’ve been slowly winding down from a two-week trip to Cleveland for a project called “Literary Lots.” Upon returning to Chicago, I unpacked two gifts: a shirt … Continued

Literary Lots: Everyday Magic (2013)

Kids get this. They’re open to the everyday magic that we no longer see and thrill to the delight of visiting imaginary places. So when Kauser Razvi approached me about helping with the Literary Lots, I didn’t need much convincing. … Continued

The Library as Place Maker (2013)

This article was originally posted at libraryasincubatorproject.org, View Original We’re delighted to welcome Kauser Razvi to the site today for the first post in a series that will explore Literary Lots.  This project got a lot of attention in the … Continued